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Design Objectives

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As light as possible (maximum ventilation holes)​
Maximize metal content – minimize polymer content​
Ask us about our Prototype Sterilization Validation Guarantee ​
Endure processing and shipping abuse​
All-riveted construction (no screws – screws loosen)​
Ask us about our “no peel” guarantee – our nylon will not peel​
Silicone will not easily break, tear or degrade (there is no need to wrap our silicone with nylon-coated SS – weight savings)​
Ergonomics (ease of use)​
Covers easily replaced/removed​
Latches are durable, effective and easy to use​
Trays and other components easily placed/removed​
All cases stack and nest securely – ask us how​
Compatible with both filtered containers and standard non-woven wrap​
Easily inserted and removed from closed filtered containers​
Corners/edges will not tear wrap​
Feet and/or stacking mechanisms will not tear wrap (will not hang up or catch on wire shelving)​
Cost effective – we will design with your budget in mind​
Marketing Appeal – Attractive and/or distinctive look​

Product Features

Stainless Steel Corner Bumpers (TRIcorners)

Improves the durability and lifespan of the cover/case (corners are where most impact damage occurs)​
Low profile foot/crater design – enables stacking/nesting and stability – but low profile so they will not tear wrap – and will not hang up or “catch” on wire shelving​
NOTE: This foot/crater design is also standard on the covers and bases – if corner bumpers aren’t used​
Enables cover to be more easily placed on base versus “open corner”​
Shields sterile wrap from corner “edges” which sometimes causes tears​
Helps to protect the anodized surface of the cover/base​
Multiple finishes and colors available​


Our over-center latches are the market standard. They are effective, intuitive, and durable – we have added side tabs on the release component for improved finger access/ergonomics​
We recommend recessing the end panel to protect the latch from impact damage. This also makes the set easier to wrap​
Other latch options available as well​


We recommend our proprietary “break-over” folding stainless steel handle if customers are using Aesculap or other filtered containers​
Enables case to be placed into a filtered container; handle folds over the top of the cover​
Other exterior handle options available as well​
Tray handles are riveted (screws will loosen, rivets won’t)​

Maximum Ventilation Holes

Multiple standard patterns available​
Steam hole patterns can be customized​
We recommend placing ventilation holes through the corner radiuses – weight reduction and better ventilation/drying​


We recommend Type II (clear, color or sublimated graphics)​
For European processing considerations – we recommend Type III and/or stainless steel (20GA hemmed)​


Guaranteed not to peel
Multiple color options

Contact Information

(463) 777-0202

Trifecta Medical, LLC
2461 Reeves Road, Suite 152
Plainfield, IN 46168

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