Trifecta Medical’s innovative designs and manufacturing processes deliver quality you can count on.  Our designs include:

Validation – We guarantee it!

  • Maximum perforation.
  • Constructed with processing-appropriate materials.
  • Contents fixture appropriately and effectively.
  • Set weight management and solutions.

All Rivets; no screws

  • Better durability – no screws to loosen after multiple processing cycles.

Stainless Steel Corner bumpers (Available in all nylon colors, and electropolishing)

  • Better durability, aesthetics and ergonomics.
  • Withstands the abuse and damage from shipping, processing and transport.

Stainless Steel Over-Center Latch

  • Easy to use.
  • Better durability and ergonomics.

“No peel” nylon.

  • Our powder-coating is incredibly durable – best in the industry!

Low Profile (Foot/Crater Emboss)

  • Better stability during transport and use.
  • Better stack ability.
  • Better for hospitals; it will not tear a wrap or hang up on wire racks/shelves.

Maximum perforation

  • Lighter, better drainage, better drying. Better dispersion and penetration of:
  • Chemical disinfectants
  • Steam – H2O2
  • Ultrasonic cavitation

Mill-finish metals

  • Better aesthetics by providing a smoother, satin-like finish instead of a heavy-grained finish.


  • Unlimited marketing potential.
  • 3D Shaded silk-screened, laser-etched or deep image graphics.
  • Holes around graphics to maximize perforation without obscuring graphics.
  • Unlimited anodizing color options.
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